A passionate digital solutions agency.

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As a digital solutions agency, we only have one goal — to help you reach yours.

Digital is our passion! Our creative and technology-based solutions upgrade your customer’s online purchasing journey with seamless experiences of your products and services.

From strategy to development to customer service, we work on all of your brand’s customer touch points.

Love at first click.

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A digital solutions agency where being in love with all things web is a job requirement.

RGC Digital is a full-service digital solutions agency founded by Rafael Garcia, who fell in love with all things web early on.

The love started early on when a teenaged Garcia was a curious tinkerer and technology enthusiast. Over time, he turned his cyber smarts into a successful career in digital entrepreneurship. The early adopter would eventually found a startup and blaze a trail for 24-hour, live-stream programming on the internet.

Garcia later started RGC Digital to help businesses define and grow their brands online and offline while partnering with some of the most highly-requested entrepreneurs in the technology, digital and creative fields. In 2019, he created RGC Digital as an agency to harness the power of his network and its unparalleled expertise under one name.

Though now a seasoned professional in web development and management, Garcia hasn’t lost his sense of wonder and curiosity.

“If you can envision it, we really can build it” is the motto that lights a spark of inspiration for everyone involved in RGC Digital.

And love is still in the air. We fall in love with client projects daily! We’re passionate about everything we can accomplish together.

Garcia and team of top developers, strategists and content producers are fearless problem-solvers with a huge capacity to bring your ideas to life. Let your imagination run wild! We put up the scaffold and build the structure that connects your business to your customers beautifully.

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A digital solutions agency with a sense of humor.

Based in South Florida with vetted staff across the globe, RGC Digital brings decades of collective experience to its projects with a healthy sense of humor.

Famously known as the “oh shit!” guy, Garcia works in realtime to get ahead of emergencies so clients rarely have to exclaim “oh shit!”

We can afford to laugh — we know how the internet breaks, so we stand guard to minimize troubleshooting.

Humor aside, we’re dead serious about seeing your company succeed! From ecommerce to content development to digital staffing and much more, we’re sure your “oh shit!” will always be an “oh yes!” and that you’ll love your digital journey as much as we do.

Solutions we love.


Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce Development

We develop top-notch ecommerce websites that respond to user behavior and give customers the experience they need.


Website Development

Web Development

We are master builders of websites that thrive on the WordPress framework. We also build and support whole or part Magento ecommerce development.


Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance

We know there’s no such thing as perfect code. We’ll help you get your code to as near-perfect as possible utilizing expert testing techniques.


Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

We ensure adherence to laws, guidelines and specifications that are particular to your industry standards and business processes.



Content Development

Content Creation & Management

We help you oversee all or parts of your digital content — deliver the right message for the right audience in the right way at the right time.


Resource Staffing

Digital Staffing

Our extensive talent pool of software developers, engineers and project managers help you solve problems with effective and long-lasting solutions.

We can’t wait to get to know you!

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