Ecommerce development for everything imaginable.

What’s not to sell? There’s nothing you can’t sell on your website.

RGC Digital’s ecommerce development can build you an industry compliant, fully-functioning website that serves you and your customers beautifully.

We’ve built enormous Amazon-style websites, but size doesn’t matter.

Now more than ever, even the tiniest business can benefit from ecommerce. You’re likely losing business if your company only exists as brick-and-mortar.

Our creative and technology-based solutions upgrade your customer’s online purchasing journey with seamless experiences of your products and services. From strategy to development to customer service, we work on all of your brand’s customer touch points.

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Ecommerce development fluency

RGC Digital’s vast experience in ecommerce development combines top industry knowledge with years of hands-on experience. As experts in the consumer path to purchase and specialists in the Magento platform, we speak the language of ecommerce fluently.

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Omnichannel transactions for ecommerce

If your audience ever needs to buy anything — and we mean anything, even just once — you need ecommerce development. If your audience needs a service or you’re offering a free gift or you’re creating connections that lead to relationships — all of it requires consent and a secure transaction. B2B, B2C or C2C — we build the omnichannel infrastructure where your business and customers meet.

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Connected ecommerce consumers

Post-pandemic, consumers expect to find and buy your products or engage your services through their mobile channels and other connected devices — all of it personalized with recurring engagement.

Ecommerce development focused on path to purchase.

We help you meet the customer when and where they need or want you.

As experts in the consumer path to purchase, we know those back alleys that look more like a labyrinth to the untrained eye. We mark the path and pave the roads so customers never get lost along the way.

Feature-packed ecommerce

Our fully-functioning ecommerce development websites conform to current industry standards, are mobile responsive and built for speed to seamlessly serve human and machine audiences. We harness the power of Magento, the widely-used, time-tested platform, for its omnichannel solutions, high level of usability and customization, SEO and security, among other highly desirable features.

Seamless touchpoints

Our ecommerce development sites carry the full scope of interconnectivity with seamless touchpoints so customers always know where they’re going. The right content ends up in SERPs so your storefront is easy to find and your customers can quickly find what they’re looking for. Our developers are trained to have your end-users in mind at all times in the design and development process.

Testing and optimization

We also provide extraordinarily valuable software architecture and testing as well as website optimization. Our ecommerce development processes integrate the latest best practices in user experience, usability, ADA and regulatory compliance and search engine optimization — all of which deliver the fastest, most pleasurable top results for your customers.

Let’s make sales happen with ecommerce development.

The Covid-19 pandemic radically altered consumer habits when lockdowns forced people to survive through digital resources. Those businesses that had already adopted ecommerce development could respond to demand. Other businesses quickly shifted strategy and survived. But some major businesses, including legacy stores, lagged behind.

However your business was affected, there’s no better time to get ahead of the curve. You’d be surprised how online transactions can boost the top line.

We’ll help you figure out the benefits that suit your specific needs.

Contact us for a consultation today. You’ve got nothing to lose — except potential consumers!