Smart Meter Network Ltd is a leading hardware, software and cloud based Solutions Company with over 60 years experience in the energy metering market.
It is Ecommerce store for electronic metering system and recharge electric meter.
Also, the customers can recharge meter on the website by the register on the website by the meter number.


Magento 2.3, PHP, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, MySql

Functionalities Of Application

We have developed this website so that UK registered customers can recharge their own Electric meter. For the register on the website, customers should have the meter number.
We have integrated the API for the registration of users, when customers register on a website so we pass the meter number to the Meter Recharge service center with the customer information along with the meter number.

Once, customer registered then he can recharge the meter and once he successfully done the recharge then we Integrated API by which we send data to Meter service center with the transaction details.

We have also created new Order and Invoice email template by adding the Meter number and customise layout.
We also created a calculator by which customer can convert electricity into another unit:
1- Amps to kilowatts
2- Amps to KVA
3- Amps to VA
4- Electricity Bill Calculator
5- Energy Consumption

Sample URLs

Project Details